Welcome to Episode 157! In many ways, it’s actually Episode 1 of a new venture for Tall Tale Radio, but let’s not get all “rebooty” here.  I like my numbering to be linear.  We’ll just say it’s the first episode to be featured on GoComics.com!  Yes, my vague hinting and waiting time is over. I am officially the first comics podcast on the GoComics site, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I’m also thrilled and honored to have one of my favorite artists and friends on the debut show, Mr. Mark Tatulli.  Mark is the crazed genius behind “Heart of the City” and the wordless wonder of “Lio.”  We talk about his new book compilation, his upcoming foray into Kids’ Literature, and we go off on a nicely geeky discussion on “The Hobbit” and George Lucas, like we always do.