Lex Fajardo of “Kid Beowulf” fame is here to talk about his new book in his excellent graphic novel series, “The Rise of El Cid.”  His publisher of the first two books sadly went the way of the dodo, and Lex is starting a Kickstarter to get this book published.  He talks about why he’s doing it, and his amazing recent trip to Peru as a guest of a comics festival!  Click here to check out his Kickstarter!  And click here to get a copy of his first two books!

Then it’s Nerd Roundtable time, as Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle,” Brock Heasley of “Superfogeys,” Lex and I talk about the recent tiny purchase by Disney of Lucasfilm, ILM, “Star Wars,” and so much more. We talk about our initial reaction to this huge disturbance in the Force, what we think should happen, and how we feel about it overall.

Brock, by the way, is also doing a Kickstarter for a cool game based on the “Superfogeys” and you can find out more about that here!

And there’s a Lemon List by the ever-informative Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic!”  Enjoy!