In a nice little departure from my normal guest list, and a perfect lead into my upcoming San Diego Comic-Con coverage, I am pleased as punch to talk to Suzie Plakson, actress, sculptor and writer who most of you will probably recognize as having been FOUR different aliens on three different “Star Trek” shows.  Suzie is a blast to talk to, and regales me with stories of long make-up sessions, what it was like being on the set with the Trek crews, and what being a guest at Sci-fi Cons is like.

Suzie is also a gifted writer and artist, and her latest project is “The Return of King Lillian,” a long-germinating fantasy/allegorical story about a woman who inherits the throne of her land, and her journey to claim it. Suzie recently did a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is in the process of creating an audio book and immersive website that will launch in August.  At the end of the episode, listen for her reading part of the prologue to get a taste of her talent!