rabbits_againstGet to know the fabulous Jonathan Lemon, writer and artist extraordinaire of the new Go Comics strip, “Rabbits Against Magic.”  Jonathan is another proud graduate of Comics Sherpa, and we talk about his new level of syndication, his characters, his art style and character design, and as usual, subjects all over the map.  If you can’t get enough, listen to his past interview over on Comics Coast to Coast! And be sure to check out Jonathan’s site here!

Speaking of CC2C, the multi-talented Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle” joins me after the Lemon interview to talk about the recent WonderCon up in San Francisco.  We’ll get his take on the goings-on, and hear about some great artists he met there, including Genevieve Tsai and Mark Bodé, son of one of Justin’s prime artistic influences in life, the late, great Vaughn Bodé.  (Look for him on an upcoming CC2C interview!)

And at the very end, listen for some fun news involving Justin, Lucas Turnbloom, a sentient piece of foliage,  and a psychotic bear!  It’s a long episode, folks…crack open a cold one and enjoy!