Time to class up the joint with Liza Donnelly! A cartoonist in The New Yorker since she sold her first one to them in 1979, Liza has done it all.  Dozens of magazines, kids books, and cartoon compilations…traveling the globe in the name of world peace through art and cartooning…guest speaker at TED, The Norman Rockwell Museum, and countless other venues…writer for Forbes, Huffington Post, CNN…it’s too much to mention.  And best of all, she’s funny, humble, and amazing to talk to!  Join us as we talk about gender roles in society, how it takes 2 years of hitting your head against the New Yorker to even get noticed, and her quest to help bring about international understanding and peace one cartoon at a time.

You can find her excellent blog “When Do They Serve The Wine” here, information on her award winning kids’ books and cartoon compilations here, and an amazing 32-page graphic story about her life here on the “Narrative” site  (might have to sign up for free, but it’s a very cool place and her story “Portrait of the Cartoonist as a Woman” is utterly fascinating.)