How has the world of Social Media affected the creative process? Can you create in a world where people put up pictures of what they’re about to eat every five minutes? How do you best use the internet when you’re starting up a new idea or developing a new strip?  These are the questions tackled in this very special Tall Tale Radio episode.  I’ve gathered some of the best and brightest, all of whom are currently going through this in one way or another.  Joel Duggan of “Starcrossed” has been introducing new characters and developing them as they go. John Sanford of “Chippy and Loopus” and “K and J” is working on a new idea he hopes to launch this summer.  And Irma Eriksson of “Imy” fame has recently started to develop her astronomy-based comic called “Cosmicals.”

All three have great things to say about the creative process and how the internet and specifically social networking has affected their approach.

All this, AND a new Lemon List by the ever amazing Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic!” This week, he takes us on a tour of famous cartooning Meccas that should be on every cartoonist’s Travel Bucket List.

Also, a short plug for the Kenosha Festival of Cartooning that’s coming this September. I’ve been asked to be the panel moderator during this amazing festival now in its second year. This September, you’ll be able to see me grill Stephan Pastis, Dave Coverly, Greg Cravens, Norm Feuti and Michael Jantze for free in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Anne Hambrock, colorist of “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” is organizing, and this year, she’s started a Kickstarter campaign to help ensure she can keep the entry fee to ZERO! Help us gather the funds needed to pay the artists for their time, secure the venues and to get some cool surprises as well.  Thanks for your support!