Howard Tayler, the Hugo Award nominated artist and writer behind the wonderful sci-fi comic “Schlock Mercenary” joins me to talk about his recent Kickstarter success, where he and the folks at Living Worlds Games raised over $82,000 to create the Schlock Mercenary Board Game.  Howard is always amazing to talk to, because he tells it like it is, both the good and the bad, and you will learn a lot about the Kickstarter process here. If you’re wondering about the inner workings of Kickstarter and raising money for your business, this is a great place to start.

He also recommends you take a listen to Richard Bliss’ podcast, “Funding the Dream,” which is specifically about using Kickstarter to raise money for games and other projects.

Howard also is one of the hosts of the most excellent podcast “Writing Excuses,” a great resource for writers of all genres!

PROGRAM NOTE: In the interview, Howard mentions at one point that Kickstarter allows people to become investors.  After we talked, Howard wrote me to say that after checking, it turns out Kickstarter does NOT currently allow that. You can not offer fiduciary rewards, shares in the company, or anything similar due to SEC regulations.   So, in terms of legalese, keep in mind that this podcast does not intend to be a source of financial or legal advice in regards to Kickstarter (or any other financial or legal subject) and is merely meant as entertainment. Howard is full of facts and great information, but as always, if you are thinking about your own Kickstarter campaign, be sure to do all your own research and get the facts for yourself.