Wiley Miller of the brilliant “Non Sequitur” joins me to talk about the fact that his comic just turned 20 years old! He’s been in syndication since 1992, and has seen a lot happen since then.  Wiley is never shy to talk about anything controversial, and I have a blast talking about his editorial past, his first foray into syndicated comics with “Fenton” back in 1982, and the state of the industry now.  And we go off on the recent New York Times editorial brouhaha, and I think he has some very interesting points to make about both sides of the issue!  You can check Non Sequitur out here on GoComics.  It’s been one of my top 10 faves for, oh, 20 years!

Also, Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic” checks in with another of his funny and informative “Lemon Lists!”  Did you know a cartoonist probably solved the famous Zodiac Murders?  Well you do now!