Stephan Pastis joins me to talk about his brand spankin’ new app, “Only The Pearls.”  In it, he sets the bar very high for the industry, with 250 of his favorite “Pearls Before Swine” comics, 100 audio commentaries on them, and dozens of very funny videos where he gives us insight into how the process works, how good he is at sinking a basketball in his house, and how he has delusions of grandeur about the coffee shop he works in.  There’s very funny satire, but also a ton of really valuable insight into the process of making a syndicated strip.  The section on his bulletin board alone is stuff every artist should see. He also continues to make fun of my Django Reinhart opening music, so just to shut him up, I make a slight change he suggests.

You can get this amazing app at the iTunes app store.

Also, a new Lemon List from the ever-amazing Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic!”  You learn something every time you hear one of these, and today is no exception!