SCAD Professor and Sequential Art Master Chris Schweizer joins me for a discussion on his most excellent young adult graphic novel series, “The Crogan Adventures.”  These in-depth and powerful stories follow the family tree of the Crogan men, dating back to pre-revolutionary times, starting with the excellent “Crogan’s Vengeance,” about a pirate and the decisions he has to make, followed by “Crogan’s March,” about the moral dilemmas facing one of the Crogan men who is in the French Foreign Legion.

Chris is an amazing artist with a loose but powerful style, a great eye for history, and an amazing ear for dialog. These are not your father’s kid’s graphic novels. They deal with deep issues, life and death, and powerful themes.  I couldn’t recommend them higher for anyone with kids aged 9-14, especially boys.  But trust me…you’ll love them too.