If you know anything about comics, then you know David Lloyd, if only for his masterwork, “V for Vendetta.” David’s been in the comics industry since the mid-1970s, and can truly be said to be a pioneer in the industry. He worked with the great Alan Moore doing various comics about Dr. Who and Star Wars, but it was their 1981 collaboration on “V” that would launch them both into the stratosphere. It was David’s idea for the look of the character, the stark film-noir feel of the art, the lack of thought bubbles and sound effects…all cutting edge and revolutionary visual motifs. His career goes far beyond “V” of course, and he continues to work his magic today with recent projects like “Kickback,” a hard-boiled detective graphic novel.

Many thanks to Darren Rolfe of “The Mighty Monocle.” He’s a big supporter of the show and a good friend, and being the intensely polite Englishman that he is, he keeps his eyes open for me with articles and interview subjects. He has met David Lloyd at his local cartoonist group and found he was coming to San Diego Comic Con this year. David and I were unable to hook up at the Con, but that turned out to be fortuitous, because I would’ve only had him for 5-10 minutes. Here, we sit down at a local bar and share a couple of Guinness-like local brews and talk comics for over an hour. It was truly one of the best art related experiences in my life, and David couldn’t have been nicer or more giving with his time and words. Please go read “The Mighty Monocle” because not only is it brilliant, it’s done by a true gentleman.