Just in time for the Reubens Weekend in Boston, here’s Part 2 of the epic Rick Stromoski interview! In this part, we talk about Rick’s passion and commitment to the National Cartoonists Society, his term as president, and why the NCS has meaning today.

I would like to point out that in the interview, one of the things I point out about the NCS that I would like to see changed is an updated website that’s easier to read and more comprehensive.  Turns out that statement is SOOOO last week, because literally tonight as I was putting this post together, it appears there IS a new NCS website that is MUCH easier to read and find information.  I hope that they continue to make this a site full of great bios and art from cartoonists past and present, and remain a powerful force in the comics world.  Well done!

Also, we have a new Lemon List, and quite frankly, this is Jonathan “Rabbits Against Magic’s” Lemon’s best work yet! And that’s saying a lot! Learn all about the awful truth of comics censorship in a Lemon List that had me laughing out loud several times! Thanks as always to this talented cartoonist and  good friend!

If you haven’t heard Part One, you can find it here!