Rick Stromoski — syndicated cartoonist, greeting card guru, former National Cartoonist Society President, and award winning wine maker — joins me in Part ONE of an epic interview.  We talk about his life growing up, his artistic influences,  his time in the greeting card world, his multiple flirtations and forays into syndication, how he pissed off a pastor in Oklahoma simply by drawing a banana, and many other things.  Part Two next week will delve into the world of the National Cartoonist Society!

Also in this episode, I talk with Bill Kellogg, who just this week announced the formation of the Ink Bottle Syndicate. Bill is the marketing and sales genius behind Chad Carpenter’s “Tundra,” a strip that Bill has managed to take from 8 papers in Alaska, to over 450 papers worldwide in the past 6 years. Me and the Comics Coast to Coast boys talked to the two of them back in 2008.  Bill talks about why he’s doing this, and what he hopes to accomplish. You can read more about this on the wonderful Daily Cartoonist site right here.