The amazingly funny and talented Rina Piccolo joins me to talk about her work. She’s a syndicated artist with two strips; “Tina’s Groove” and “Six Chix;” she’s a webcartoonist with the amazing “Velia, Dear;” AND she’s a gag cartoonist, having been published regularly in places like Parade and the New Yorker, and she’s put out three different cartoon collections.  Rina talks about where it all began, how important it is to embrace the internet and social media, the differences in writing for the papers and the web, and a lot more.

Also, a great new “Lemon List” by the ever-astonishing Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic.” In this episode, Lemon asks the very interesting question of a bunch of professional cartoonists: “Who is the SECOND best cartoonist of all time?” Hear the likes of Berke Breathed, Sergio Aragones, an a dozen more names you know answer it!