It’s ON, baby.  When Irma Eriksson of the amazing “Imy” comic informed me she was going to visit San Diego from where she lives in Stockholm, Sweden, one of the first things I thought of, naturally, was podcast! But almost immediately after that, it was “Harry Potter Trivia Throwdown with Lucas Turnbloom of ‘Imagine This'” that came to mind.  They’re both HP fanatics and have trashed talked one another on Facebook and Twitter, so it was time to put their Wizarding Geek Skills to the test. Take a listen! Who will win? The plucky young woman from Jersey who speaks three languages, or the talented cartoonist who draws fifty-three different strips and is probably working on a fifty-fourth? Don’t make me pull a “Crucio” on you…go forth and listen!

Be sure to read Irma’s “Imy” twice a week, and Lucas’ “Imagine This” AND his more recent comic, “4G!”