Good friend Francesco Marciuliano of “Sally Forth” and the most excellent webcomic “Medium Large” joins me to talk about his recent brush with internet stardom. After doing a whimsical post that matched insane Charlie Sheen-meltdown quotes with pictures of cute kitties, his traffic went through the roof. Mentioned by the Washington Post, the Today Show, the New York Times and, of course, the media empire that is Tall Tale Radio, Francesco found himself riding an internet wave.  We talk about what that means, if anything, how to try to capitalize on such a thing when it happens, celebrity meltdowns in general, and because it’s us, Star Wars.

Also, Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic” is back with The Lemon List! This week, we learn all about Finnish Comics! You heard me! Expand your mind and learn about Moomin, Kiroleva Silli (The Cursing Hedgehog), Fingerpori, Mämmilä, B. Virtanen, Viva and Wagner, and the new comic over at GoComics, “Dark Side of the Horse!”