I was out of town all last week, but Tall Tale Radio’s very own foreign correspondent Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic” steps up to the plate to give us some amazing interviews over at the recent Alternative Press Expo (APE) convention in San Francisco.

Lemon talks to some great artists: Old friends of the show Lex Fajardo of “Kid Beowulf” and Justin Thompson of “Mythtickle” and, of course, Comics Coast to Coast; JR Williams, a cartoonist who worked for R. Crumb among many others, whose work you really need to see;  Audrey Soffa of “The Bunny System;” the ever amazing Keith Knight who has his first collection of “The Knight Life” out now, called “Chivarly Ain’t Dead,” and an interview with several Pixar artists who were there to hawk their own projects and comics! Not to mention a secret interview with someone who may or may not be a member of the International Cartoonists Conspiracy.

And there’s a very nice promo at the end from someone fairly famous. 😉