This episode is chock full of great stuff! We start off with an interview with young Mr. Brookes Eggleston, writer and artist of the wonderful (and wonderfully surreal) “Also, Bagels.” I met Brookes at the NYCC, and it’s great to talk to someone this talented and experienced in the webcomics world with such a unique voice.

Then, Alan Gardner of “The Daily Cartoonist” files a report from his time over at the Ohio State University Festival of Comic Art. Alan was lucky enough to attend this triennial event, and gives us a low down of the high points. I’ve heard from him and John and Anne Hambrock of “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee,” and let me tell you, when this event comes back in 2013, I will be there. Be sure to check out his site for more detailed accounts and recaps of his live tweeting from the event! And here’s a link to the OSU Cartoon Library!

Finally, as if THAT wasn’t enough, Jonathan Lemon from “Rabbits Against Magic” gives us perhaps his best “Lemon List” ever, as he talks about Cartoonists in Movies! Is your iPod even big enough to handle all of this awesomeness? It’s time to find out!