Forgive this rather goofy and indulgent episode, as it’s essentially a group of old friends sitting around talking about a great Con they all just went to. There’s definitely some very good information in here about the NYCC and Cons in general mixed in with the laughter. Joining me in this brou-haha is a motley crew of cartoonists; Dawn Griffin of “Zorphbert & Fred,” Irma Eriksson of “Imy,” Mike Witmer of “Pinkerton,” Marc LaPierre of “Spooky Doofus,” and Brad Joyce of “Flip & Barrel.” I’m surprised we didn’t send Skype running for the hills.

We talk about the lessons learned from the NYCC, what we’d do differently, the high points, and the low points. If you’re thinking about attending this, or really any other Con, this is a great listen.

And, a new Lemon List! Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic” gives cats their due!