Old friend of the show, John Hambrock of “The Brilliant mind of Edison Lee” joins me once again to talk about his stunningly busy schedule of appearances, especially his recent guest artist time at Walt Disney’s ToonFest, an annual gathering of cartoon and comics fans and creators in Micheline, Missouri, Walt Disney’s home town.  John talks about the down-home atmosphere, the talks he gave, and how he got to toss candy to passers-by as he sat in a convertible car in a parade! How many cartoonists can say THAT?

John also talks about his upcoming trip to Omaha, his wife’s current obsession with peaches, his recent joining of the new website “The Cartoonist’s Studio,” and also the brand spankin’ new, hot off the presses very first compilation book for “Edison Lee.”  I’m particularly proud of this herculean endeavor by he and his wife, Anne, who is also the colorist for the strip. This is no simple little book…it’s a 144 page giant old-school compilation, with a middle section of glorious color sundays and commentary throughout the book. If you don’t know the strip, this is the perfect way to get into it, and if you are a fan, then it’s simply a must-have.  Check it out here.

Also in the news at the end of the show, Kurt Sasso of the great TGT Webcomics Podcast and Byron Wilkins of the great “1977” webcomic have joined forces, and one of their first projects is, of all things, a cookbook filled with recipes from over 50 great webcomic artists, with all proceeds going to the Food Bank! It’s an amazingly worthy cause! Click here for more info!

And if THAT isn’t enough, David Reddick of the fan favorite “Legend of Bill” has begun orders on what people have been slobbering for since the strip’s inception. No, not a life size doll of Princess Gina…although, that WOULD be interesting.  No, it’s your opportunity to get a 9″ plush doll of everyone’s favorite blue dragon, Frank! Pre-orders are being taken here, so get yours now! Talk about a Christmas must-have for the dragon-lover in your life.

All this, and a really fascinating “Lemon List” by the amazing Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic.” Find out how Charles Dickens drove a superstar cartoonist to his death! We can’t make this stuff up!