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I am a voice actor, film editor, director, cartoonist, graphic artist, Comic Con Panel moderator, husband, father, and I make a darn good chicken parmesan sandwich.  I also color the Sunday comics of Lincoln Peirce's amazing "Big Nate" comic, and have done the gray tones for his "Max and the Midknights" Books 2 & 3.

I am thrilled to be talking to artists, writers, teachers, librarians, filmmakers, actors, animators, musicians, and general nerds of all types. Any and all creative folks who bring art and light to the world.

I am deeply involved in the use of comics in the classroom, and have moderated many panels at various comic cons on that subject.  The love of comics, manga, graphic novels, and webcomics leads directly to a love of reading in general, and it is my mission to do everything I can to support teachers, librarians, and school administrators to learn how best to get comics into their curriculums. 

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