William Shatner has made a documentary film called “The Captains,” where he interviews the various actors who have all played commanders in the Star Trek universe. This video is a press conference at the San Diego Comic Con after their public panel, which was moderated by Kevin Smith and very well attended and received. Scott Bakula and Avery Brooks joined in the fun, and it was a blast to see the three of them up there. This is my first in-person Shatner experience, and I have to say it was pretty darn cool. It started off with me tweeting up a storm about it, and being concerned about how the video was going to turned out. Then about 8 minutes later, I looked up and thought “Geez…that’s Captain Kirk!” and had a thrilling geek moment. And Scott Bakula is funny and Avery Brooks has more charisma than everyone in the room combined. I hope you enjoy…I believe the film is showing on Epix, and may be available for download. I haven’t seen it, but I am very interested, especially after seeing this.