My friend, John Hambrock, artist of “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” came up to me during the intermission of the Reubens Award Banquet and we stood looking over the sea of people…and he said “Isn’t it amazing? All this talent in one room.”  And I thought to myself, “I am surrounded by people who are either idols and heroes, or incredibly talented peers, all in the art form I have loved all my life. And I had to pinch myself yet again.  I think I’m going to have some serious bruising from all this pinching I’ve been doing.

In many ways, the Reubens Award Banquet was pretty much what you’d think it’d be.  A lot of people in nice suits and dresses, eating a nice dinner sitting at round tables, and then a funny MC introduces the night, and awards are handed out. Except the people handing out the awards were the likes of Sergio Aragones, Jim Davis, Bill Amend, Gary Trudeau, and Cathy Guisewite.  And the people getting them were folks like Tom Richmond, Mark Parisi, Nick Galafinakis, and Glenn McCoy. It was a very inspiring night, and not to beat a dead horse, but I am proud and flattered to have been among this crowd.

Alan Gardner of The Daily Cartoonist and I sat next to one another and tweeted the hell out of the night, hopefully to the amusement of some followers. I would love to see the Reubens get more attention…gonna mention to Tom Richmond that maybe I could help out doing a little live broadcasting on UStream next year. These people deserve to be seen by the fans.

Here are some pics for you…it was a little hard doing video, tweeting and also taking pictures, but you’ll get an idea of what went on.  I got some GREAT video interviews before the show, and I’ll be editing them in the coming week to get them to you.

Me in my monkey suit. Nice to NOT be wearing it to a funeral or something.  The white flower was made by my lovely daughter Katie. I didn’t wear it all night, but when I was leaving, she ran to me and handed it to me, saying that when she saw men in suits, they seemed to have a flower, so she wanted to be sure I had one. So this was for her.











Posters of the the actual Reuben Awards Nominees.

Me and this guy who draws a cartoon cat for a living. Probably the richest man I have ever been shoulder to shoulder with.

Me and Wiley Miller, creator of “Non Sequitur,” one of my all time favorite strips. Very nice man, and very tall.