Darren Rolfe, Englishman, gentleman, big supporter of my show, and most importantly, the brilliant writer and artist of the ever-increasingly funny “Mighty Monocle” got to attend his very first Comic Con over in London!  Naturally, I would’ve LOVED to have gone to it, London being one of my favorite places. Oh, to hoist a pint of Guinness with some nerdy Brits! One day…

Until then, Darren was nice enough to put on his “Boy Reporter” hat for me and give us a look at the first London Super Comic Con!  Looks like they rented a hall big enough to hold several 747s, but other than that, it looks pretty much like what you want a Comic Con to look like! Here’s hoping it was a success and that it grows and prospers! 

Take it away, Rolfe!


Tom Racine rarely turns down the chance to attend a Comic-Con. I, and no doubt all of you, have enjoyed his excellent coverage of both San Diego and New York Comic-Con on numerous occasions. But London Super Comic Con proved to be a con too far. Well, at least this year anyway.

So, I was hastily promoted through the ranks of the Tall Tale Media Group Empire to the position of Chief-European Correspondent and was duly set the task of being Tom’s eye and ears on the ground at the inaugural London Super Comic-Con. This was a thrilling prospect, as I’ve never been to a Comic-Con before! Apparently there hasn’t been a proper a con like this for over 10 years in the U.K. and judging by the press and T.V. coverage it seemed to be big news! This I’m in no doubt was down to the simple fact that they had managed to book Stan “Excelsior” Lee as the main guest. Stan is now 89, and apparently this was probably going to be his last con in London.

The Comic-Con was at ExCel which is in London’s docklands and it’s a huge building! As I approached ExCel it wasn’t long before I spotted to a young woman in spandex, lycra body-suit with long, flowing hair. Naturally, I immediately assumed that his young woman must have been attending the con and felt it her moral duty to go the extra mile and dress up as her favourite super-herione. My mistake…it wasn’t Mystique from the X-Men it was actually Doreen from Dartford who was attending the Zumba Instructors Conference also being held at the ExCel that weekend.  So with my camera back in its case I continued onwards.

As I got inside it slowly dawned on me that they hadn’t booked the entire ExCel. We would actually be sharing it with Zumba, The Baby Show and some Hotel Hospitality Conference.

And they were all bigger than the Comic-Con!

The hall was huge! But, can you spot the con?

The brilliant Mr. David Lloyd (“V for Vendetta.”) His queue was easily one of the longest. Apparently it was even longer the day before.

(Tom’s note: Check out my interview with David Lloyd from the 2011 San Diego Comic Con…one of my favorite interviews!)

Another British comic book legend. The amazing, Brian Bolland in the official signing area. He also had very long queues.

This is Jamal Igle; he was on the table next to Mr. Lloyd. What an amazingly talented artist and genuinely friendly guy. He had come all the way from Brooklyn, New York to attend the show. You will see him at the most of the major cons in the U.S. this year. It is well worth hunting him to down to check through his portfolio.

Here are more pics! Enjoy!