Well, it’s not exactly “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish,” but it IS time for a break.

After nearly six years and 197 episodes, and two previous years and 70 episodes of “Comics Coast to Coast,” I’m taking some time off from podcasting.  There are myriad reasons, of course…some personal, some professional, some just “overwhelmed” related.  In a nutshell, as anyone with kids and a full time job will tell you, life gets in the way of creative endeavors.  I’ve managed to work the podcast into my life, but I find I need those 10-15 hours a week back for myself.  I’m trying to get a voice over career launched, trying to put together a fund-raising project for my stroke-stricken brother Don, and a couple of other creative endeavors as well.   Something had to give.

I’ve loved my time with this podcast, and I’m not closing the door completely.  The Reuben Awards are in San Diego at the end of May, and there’s always San Diego Comic Con to cover.  Both of those will probably be mostly video in nature, but I’ll be keeping my hand in the game that way.   And I’ll be at the great Kenosha Festival of Cartooning in September.  And of course, comics have always been a huge part of my life as a fan and as a pro, so they ain’t going anywhere, either.  I’ll still be out there pimpin’ my friends and colleagues and spreading the word.

Tall Tale Radio has opened all sorts of doors for me and as with all good things, it’s the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve forged that will be the most lasting thing.  If and when I return, I’d like to expand the scope of TTR, or even start up a new, broader podcast.   Maybe this fall…stay tuned.

I thank you all for listening, I thank GoComics and the amazing John Glynn for his unwavering support in my little slice of the podcast universe, and I thank all my guests for putting up with nerdy questions about paper and ink nibs.

In the meantime, remember for your podcasting/comics/geek fix, there’s the great Comics Coast to Coast, TGT Media with Kurt Sasso, the Webcomics Alliance, and my buds over at The Geek League of America.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I showed up on some of those podcasts maybe in the future…it’s SOOO much easier to be a guest and just spout off without the hours of research!   And thanks to the great Jonathan Lemon of “Rabbits Against Magic” for his amazing “Lemon Lists” that classed up my podcast!  And, as always, a huge thanks to the invaluable and amazing Irma Eriksson of “Imy.”  Without her, there’s no site, among other things.  Be sure to read her comic!

See ya out there in the funny pages/websites/iPads.