Let the bells ring, let the children sing, let proclamations be read in boisterous voices, and let there be feasts of the finest meats and cheeses in all the land!  Tall Tale Radio is officially launching on Universal/Uclick’s GoComics site!  I am thrilled and honored to be syndicated by them, and with any luck, my little slice of the podcast world will garner a few more listeners. (Considering GoComics is one of the best-trafficked comic sites out there, I’m fairly confident one or two more people will stumble on the show!)

I wish I could more eloquently state how excited I am about this. It’s honestly been a dream of mine to be syndicated as an artist since I was probably 9 years old. I never dreamed that it would occur on the podcasting path rather than the cartooning one, but life takes you down interesting paths.  I was a good writer and fair to middlin’ artist, but that’s not enough to crack the big time world of cartooning.  “Tall Tale Radio,” and before that with my time on “Comics Coast to Coast,” has been a labor of love, getting to talk to great artists, share their stories and do something I’m pretty good at…and it seems to have paid off.  I hope that those of you who have been so amazingly loyal and supportive over the years will spread the word and join me as the next phase of Tall Tale Radio gets going on Monday, January 7th.  I am deeply indebted to John Glynn, Super High Muckity Muck at Universal, who has always been über-supportive of the show and immediately was on-board when I suggested the GoComics idea.  Next round of single malt is on me, John!

As for the future, the goal is to have a new podcast every Monday as scheduling allows. The fine folks of GoComics made it utterly clear that I am to just continue doing what I do with Tall Tale Radio…there are no restraints on who I talk to, what syndicate they’re with, or anything like that. I’m sure many of my guests will be GoComics folks, but that’s mostly because they have such a huge stable of artists.  But my friends at other syndicates and all the amazing webcartoonists out there are going to be featured on the show as usual. (My process for getting guests is pretty pathetic…it’s usually me saying “hey, I’d love to talk to that artist” and sending out random emails.  I’m going to try to tighten that up a little!)

Let the Grand Experiment begin! First up, the talented and amazing Mark Tatulli of “Heart of the City” and “Lio” joins me to start the party!